What Does It Sound Like?

Roomwidener is an easy to use plugin that uses multiple filtered delays to create transparent reflections. In simple words, it adds realistic sounding 3D depth to your sound. In addition to that it also widens it. From adding a bit of transparent ambiance to your recordings, to full on chorusing, RoomWidener got your back.

Less talking more showing; Check out this demo!


"RoomWidener is a cool little plugin that instantly adds ambiance to anything. With stereo sound sources/parts, I’m often looking to “extend” the outer edges, to widen the soundstage, so the audience can enjoy a more immersive, 3D-like listening experience. We have tools for that, like M/S and imaging processors, but sometimes those have undesirable phasing consequences. RoomWidener does this elegantly, in a simple user interface with just 3 controls. "

Phil Tan

3x Grammy Winning Mixer | Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ludacris

"Room Widener is a better-button plugin. Put it on something, better."

Matthew Weiss

Grammy nominated engineer | Akon, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Rick Ross…

“Orchestral samples recorded with narrow imaging are difficult to fit into a cohesive mix. I find Room Widener particularly helpful in subtly diffusing the directionality and increasing the dimension of these sounds.”

Blake Robinson

Trailer credits include Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, EA Star Wars titles

Getting Started

Fine tune the tightness of the effect with the Size knob. Medium works for most applications, but for fast tempos, a smaller size and tighter feel might be more appropriate.

Adjust the strengh of the effect with the Amount knob. For realistic results with acoustic instruments, the green zone is recommended, but of course, in mixing there are no rules. Find what works best with your material.

Adjust the Dampen knob to dial in or tame the brightness of the reflections. This can help the effect sound more realistic and neutral, and prevent ‘‘shimmery’’ artifacts, especially on transient heavy elements.

Sounds amazing on acoustic instruments...

The subtle width feel roomwidener can bring works wonders for acoustic instruments. Dry violin recording? Small sounding orchestral libraries? Dry guitar? Roomwidener will add a bit of space transparently. What's not to like?

... But not just that!

RoomWidener and also be used more creatively to add a dramatic feel to pads, background vocals, and plenty of other sources. Feel limitless, just be aware that if you leave the green zone, it might expl…. Just kidding.

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